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Installing Bamboo and Bamboo Products

How to install our bamboo products

In the sections below you’ll find some installation tips, answers to common questions and some examples of different techniques. Click on the bamboo product(s) you are interested in using to find out more. We recommend you read this information in advance to avoid damage to existing infrastructure and the bamboo itself.

PLEASE NOTE: Bamboo is a natural material. We receive stock that has been air-dried i.e. the bamboo is no longer green and therefore much of it’s flexibility is lost. This is important to bear in mind when carrying out any installation.

The bamboo is still strong, but is prone to splitting and cracking. DO NOT tap in nails or attach screws without first drilling a pilot hole.

Bamboo Poles

The best ways for attaching whole poles and half poles in various scenarios. From Tiki Bar fronts to constructing a Pergola >>

Wall Panelling

How to prepare your area and cut to size. There are various methods for installation according to the project >>


How to install a roll screen or our fixed panel fences in your garden. Attaching to walls, existing fences, balconies or as a stand-alone boundary >>

Boards & Veneers

How to cut and shape the veneers; the best methods for fixing and sealing this material. Including furniture, worktops and more >>