Maintenance & Aftercare FAQs

Tips to keep your bamboo in tip top condition

Can anything be done to prevent the bamboo pole from splitting? What do I do if my bamboo has gone grey or is discoloured from the sun?

Bamboo is a versatile and durable material; however, depending on the application it is important to perform maintenance to keep your product looking its best. When exposed to the elements outside, bamboo can go mouldy in wet conditions, or when exposed to sunlight it can bleach like natural wood. So, this page is dedicated to advising you on maintenance best practice to care for your product.

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Bamboo poles, roll screens & fencing

Yes. Following a year of weathering in the garden, use a wood stain / wood oil to bring back the colour.

Bamboo weathers naturally like timber and may develop hairline cracks but does not rot easily.

We recommend the wood stain to be UV resistant and can either be water or solvent-based. Please ensure you follow the instructions of the wood stain/preserver you are using.

Bamboo is a natural product and due to the UK’s wet weather bamboo may develop mould or a slight discolouration.

If you do find discoloration it may be how the bamboo has grown. Discoloration does not affect the integrity of the bamboo pole. If you discover mould, it is usually surface mould and can easily be wiped off. In more extreme cases, we recommend using a mould removed – please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the mould remover.

To keep the bamboo looking its best, refer to the aftercare “Q: My bamboo has gone grey. Is there a way to restore it?”

To a certain extent, but as this is a natural product (like wood) there is little that can be done.

Bamboo is a plant – as it dries out it changes size and shape (much like the stem of a flower or a tree branch). Although our bamboo is dried carefully for 6 – 8 weeks prior to export, the poles will have residual moisture. Once the poles are installed in your project in the UK, normal temperature fluctuations cause the bamboo to expand and contract. This can occur whether the poles are inside or outside. Hairline cracks or larger splits may occur as a result. As a natural product, there is little that can be done to prevent this.

Half round poles and slats of bamboo are less prone to cracks, as the tension created within the whole pole’s cylindrical shape is released. We recommend the use of half rounds for projects and some bamboo poles have their nodes pierced to achieve a similar affect.

The following techniques are recommended (but do not guarantee against any cracking or splitting occurring over the lifetime of your poles):

  • Option 1: Drill small holes just above the nodes.
  • Option 2: Knock the ‘internal nodes’ (the wall) through with a broom handle or a sharp spike.
  • Option 3: Knock the internal nodes through and soak the poles in wood preservative or wood oil.
  • Option 4: Avoid water ingress for upright poles by plugging the tops of your poles. (Please note: leaving a top node intact will act as a natural rainwater plug). Treat with wood preservative or varnish for extra protection (clear silicone mastic works for small diameter poles).

Follow the spec sheet aftercare guidance with annual or bi-annual maintenance of applying wood oil or protective varnish.

Bamboo Decking

Carry out maintenance once or twice a year.

DassoCTECH® and DassoXTR® are natural products, and the appearance may vary in grains and colours. When exposed to natural sunlight, over time the colour may change depending on the extent of UV light exposure – a process known as ‘silvering’ (which all hardwoods experience).

To combat silvering, maintenance should be performed in line with the product’s maintenance guide. An exterior water-based oil is essential to maintenance. Additionally, a UV protector can be used, or a stain can be applied to return the product to the original colour.

Check out the Decking Maintenance downloadable PDF for further information. 

Subject to the product’s maintenance guide being followed, the Dasso Group are so confident in the quality and durability of the product that they offer a 25 year limited warranty.

The full warranty PDF can be downloaded here.

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