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7 of the Best Houseplants that Love Bamboo

November 1, 2019
bamboo planted various succulents

Houseplants as a Natural Air Purification System We all want our homes to be more energy efficient, but when we install double-glazing and insulation we make our buildings more air-tight. This can lead to poor air quality. Sure, we can open a window, turn on a bathroom fan and try to improve ventilation. This will […]

7 Amazing Facts About Bamboo

October 3, 2019
bamboo walls vary in thickness

1. Bamboo is not completely hollow. Bamboo has plant fibres which form horizontal discs across sections of each cane as the bamboo grows. From the outside of the pole the clue to spotting these is the prominent bumps or ‘nodes’. If you want to run a wire, pipe or water through the centre of your […]