Summer Vibes: Garden Tiki Bar Inspiration

With summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to design and build the garden bar you’ve always dreamt of. Studies show that during lockdown 1 in 7 people added an out door bar to their garden as a home DIY project.


Photo by Tropical Plant Addict



The first and most important part of building your own Tiki bar is to plan out exactly what you want. Whether you want to make a garden shed or just a pergola to sit under during the summer, it’s best to have a clear idea on what the end goal is.

If you are stuck for inspiration why not have a look at what some of our other customers have created! If you have already made your own Tiki bar then feel free to share your creations with us.


Customer photo by David James


Which product suits you?

Most of our customers use one of our Bamboo screens in either Moso or Black colour, these are easy to install especially when used as decoration for the front or sides of the bar. For more elaborate designs, previous customers have bought the individual poles they need and cut them to specific sizes.

Bamboo Thatch has been incredibly popular as a roof for garden bars due to its Tiki theme. We recommend stacking several layers of thatch on top of each other in order to prevent rain getting through and to strengthen the roof overall.


Customer photo by Rensford Pryce



Customer photo by “Davey”


Finishing touches and decoration!

This year we revamped our Bamboo garden products range with a whole new selection of Bamboo planters. Why not make use of our rustic Bamboo planters or a Bamboo trellis feature wall. Bar mats made from Bamboo Flexible Wall Panelling can be easily created from one of our samples.



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