Garden ideas using our new bamboo range!

With summer coming to a close and the intense heat starting to die down, now is the perfect time to redesign and touch up your garden! This year why not try adding some Bamboo? Not only is it a new look but it also provides multiple ecological benefits to your outdoor area.

This blog will help to inspire you and offer insight in to which products are best to use for your autumn project.



1) Rustic Bamboo Planters

Fill up any empty corners with one of our Rustic Bamboo Planters. Try filling them with a colourful flowered plant which has a bed of green leaves to really brighten the area! Why not mix and match them with some feature rocks or statues to give your outdoor space a more oriental feel.

These planters are easy to maintain as they already have a protective coating on meaning once you have placed them in your garden you no longer need to re apply a varnish in order to prevent weathering.



2) Garden Trellis

If you’re a climbing plant addict then the Bamboo trellis is the perfect product for you. Use some of these against a vertical surface to allow plants like Ivy and Vines to cling on to the wall. You can also use a trellis to smooth out a transition from one type of bush/wall to another.

Our Bamboo trellis comes in two separate sizes and is easy to install, either by securing it at the top and bottom or even letting it free stand if not directly affected by the wind. Any climbing plants used can also help to hold the trellis securely in place with a more natural look!



3) Rustic Bamboo Hurdle

Do you have a flower bed that needs an edging? Then look no further than our rustic Bamboo hurdles! Easy and simple to install, the two spikes on the bottom make it so that you just need to push them into the ground where the grass meets the dirt.

Why not get really creative and experiment with different shaped flower beds in the garden! These hurdles don’t have a protective finish on them meaning you can select your own. Play around with the different coloured coatings to have both light and darker coloured hurdles. We recommend visiting wood finishes direct to find the right preserver for you.



4) Hanging Planters and Bird Feeders

For large spaces on the wall that need a bit of colour try one of our hanging planters carved out of a bamboo pole. Choose between filling one with a bundle of colourful flowers or a hanging plant that spill over the edge! Now’s your chance to get creative and find out what works best for you. All our bamboo planters come with twine already fixed to allow you to quickly fix it to a wall with a nail or screw.

Our Bamboo bird feeders are also a great way to add some vertical volume to your garden. The multiple layers give lots of space for birds to land and rest. A hook on the feeder makes it easy to hang off a tree branch so you can get the perfect view of nature!


5) Get Designing!

If you need any inspiration or ideas for garden designs be sure to visit our Instagram and see what our other customers have done. Once you’ve finished please share it with us, we love seeing our customer creations and are always happy to give a shout-out on our website and social media! Just email any pictures over to