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Can you source a bamboo product for me that’s not on your website? Why do I have to purchase the 4m length of bamboo pole and why are there minimum orders on some products?

This page is dedicated to pricing, purchasing and answering all of the questions you may have about the ordering process.

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Top ordering FAQs

In the first instance, please email your query to sales@ukbamboo.com

If the query is urgent, please call the sales team: 01825 890 041

Customers are welcome to visit, although we are a working warehouse and not a store.

This means for Health & Safety reasons there are rare occasions when we are not able to accept visitors – such as on container days, or when large volumes of stock are being moved.

If you plan to visit, please call or email ahead and we can ensure we’re all prepared for your arrival.

Visitor opening times are 09:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday.

Please go to the product page of the out of stock item you require. You may need to select the product variable (size) via the drop-down menu, but a box will appear ‘Email when stock is available.’

Please enter your details here and you will receive an automated notification when stock is added to the website. Please be assured that details entered here are for the notification only and not for marketing purposes.

Stock may be added before our shipment arrives. In this instance the product page will display that the stock is available for pre-order only.

Please email sales@ukbamboo.com and we’ll look into it.

Please note, for many special orders there will be a minimum order quantity. This cannot be ascertained until we are aware of the item you require and contact the appropriate supply partner through our network of suppliers.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 (phone lines close at 16:30).

Within these hours we make every effort to respond to emails the day we have received them. However, during busy periods or if we are short-staffed for whatever reason, we may take a little longer.

If you have not received a response to your email and your query is becoming urgent, please call us and we will make every effort to assist. We value every customer, regardless of size or quantity of products ordered, and we will get back to you.

This ensures minimal wastage, using 100% of the natural material.

Previously, UK Bamboo offered bespoke cuts to all customers and the workshop became quickly overwhelmed with odd-sized bamboo pieces which then couldn’t be sold or re-purposed. On the occasion we do have offcuts, they are upcycled into craft packs or used in bug hotels.

Ideally not. Email or through the website is less prone to error on both sides.

Although our sales team is more than happy to help with product and purchase queries, we do not accept orders over the phone.

Orders should be placed online through our website, or alternatively you are welcome to email your order and details to sales@ukbamboo.com

For shipping purposes.

We want your poles to arrive to you in tip-top condition.

With minimum order quantities in place, we bundle the bamboo poles to offer the best degree of protection in transit.

Before placing your order


For bespoke cuts on your order, please email sales@ukbamboo.com and we can arrange a manual order.

Please note – we only sell the full sizes of each product as shown on the website. If your requested size is smaller than the product size, you will need to purchase the full size and you will receive offcuts (e.g., I want 1m only of bamboo. You will have to purchase the full 4 metre pole first. This minimises wastage and warehouse space being taken up by odd sizes that cannot be sold).

Yes. You can collect direct from our warehouse. We are open to the public 09:00 – 16:00.

Please let us know 24 hours before you collect, as we’re a working warehouse with heavy machinery moving around. The team can also ensure your order is at the front of the warehouse for easy collection.

Yes, but a selected range.

We have sample packs available for the Bamboo Boards & Veneers, Flexible Wall Panelling, and the Wall Tiles.

For pole samples, please refer to the Assorted Bamboo Craft Pack. This contains a mixture of our bamboo stock and a variety of species, sizes, and cuts.

Due to the size of the product, we cannot offer samples of the bamboo fence panels or the bamboo roll screens.

If you have a query regarding samples, please email sales@ukbamboo.com

After placing your order

If the website has pre-order stated on the product, we will also put a rough date when you can expect your order.

Please note: Although we do our best to give an accurate ETA, there may be delays in when our shipping container arrives in port and is delivered for offloading. This is usually due to bad weather, custom checks, etc.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Please refer to our returns policy document here.

Pricing & purchasing

Yes – here is our current retail discount structure.

Excludes delivery and products on sale, promotion & free delivery.

Minimum SpendDiscount
> £380 incl. VAT5% off
> £900 incl. VAT10% off
> £1600 incl. VAT15% off

If you require very large quantities of our products, please contact us to discuss as the team may be able to put together a bespoke pricing package for you.

We don’t usually offer these, as we have a general discount structure in place.

For customers ordering large amounts, as a retainer or for a special project, we have put together a bespoke priced quote. Please contact us to discuss options.

Not yet. We only offer a retail discount currently, which can be seen in the below table:

Excludes delivery and products on sale, promotion & free delivery.

Minimum SpendDiscount
> £380 incl. VAT5% off
> £900 incl. VAT10% off
> £1600 incl. VAT15% off

If you do require a large volume of bamboo for a project, please contact us to discuss pricing options.

Yes, from government organisations and from education organisations.

We will also accept purchase orders if prior arrangements have been made. We appreciate PO’s are a way of managing a project’s budget to buy now and pay later. If in doubt, please discuss with the team.

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