Oriental Restaurant Outdoor Dining Area

Creating an ideal setting for dining

About this project

Zen Durham gave their outdoor dining area a makeover with Bamboo Boards and Tali Fence Panels.

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Project key features

40mm Bamboo Boards
Used to create the dining tables and firepit surround.
Tali Half Round Fence Panels
Edges the restaurant's garden and used at half height to edge the fire pit.
Next Day Delivery
To meet project timelines.

The Challenge

“Allow your mind to be at rest and slip into a zen-like state, tasting some of the best Thai food the world has to offer”Zen Durham

Serving Durham for over a decade, Zen is a family-owned Thai restaurant with a team that has worked tirelessly over the years developing the tastes and flavours of the orient. With a vision to offer the best table in town, Zen wanted to give their garden area a makeover that would provide a tranquil setting in the city and be on par with their amazing food.

The Solution

Wanting to recreate a slice of Thailand, Zen required garden products that would help to inspire the Orient. Naturally, bamboo was arrived at as a material of choice. With a range of bamboo fence panels to choose from, the restaurant team selected the Tali Half Round Fence Panels and Tali Partition Screens from our store. Not as heavy as the Tali Full Round Fence Panels, the Half Rounds were ideal to secure against existing fencing and walls to allow for a seamless makeover. In this project, the panels were also cut to half-height to allow for cladding of areas that were not 2 metres in height.

With the fencing decided upon, Zen then turned to their outdoor dining tables. Wanting to continue the bamboo theme, 40mm 5-ply Bamboo Boards were used for the table tops. The Zen team applied finishing touches, such a light sand and exterior varnish, to ensure the product would continue to looks it best no matter the weather conditions. With the fire pit and canopy installed, the plants and the Buddha were the finishing touches. The result is a garden that looks just as good as the food tastes.

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