2.4m Natural Bamboo Slat

45/50mm Diameter, Slat

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Minimum quantity: 6
Ideal for bowmaking
This Moso bamboo slat is a favourite of bowmakers and one of our best selling products.
Natural golden colour
Our natural bamboo pole range consists of species selected for their 'classic' bamboo colour people know and love.
Sustainable material
“Bamboo is one of the best performing renewable resources around, especially if used as a semi-finished material in a durable application” – INBAR¹
CLICK HERE for the Specification Sheet
Download the Specification Sheet to learn more about this product.
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Product Details

One of our most popular bamboo products, the 2.4m Natural Bamboo Slat is ideal for art & craft projects, cladding and, of course, bowmaking!

The result of running a full round pole through a planer, the tip of the nodes have been removed. Bowmakers use the slat to create a range of bows, such as Asiatic, Recurve and Longbows. Most bamboo bows are for home or social use; however, for competitions Archery GB’s ‘Rules of shooting‘ do permit the use of bamboo bows in some classes. Worlds apart from modern composite bows, bamboo is a traditional material with the added bonus of being sustainable.


Bamboo colour variations

  • Bamboo is a natural product – like us, each pole is unique.
  • While we strive for consistency, surface scratches due to harvesting, natural blemishes and variations in colour do occur.

Specification Sheet

Click here for the bamboo pole specification/information sheet.


¹ P. van der Lugt (PhD) & J.G Vogtländer (PhD). “Technical Report #35: The Environmental Impact of Industrial Bamboo.” International Bamboo & Rattan Organisation (INBAR), 2015, p. 49


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 2400 × 50 mm



Phyllostachys edulis

Pole Type

EAN: 0703123515351


We recommend using a fine-toothed wood saw + a medium grit sand paper to smooth any rough edges.

We cut the bamboo poles in-house using a circular chop saw and a band saw. To minimise fraying of the pole, the key is to cut slow.

Old methods of cutting bamboo featured a machete and hammer (though we wouldn’t recommend this!).

Unfortunately not.

Often, bamboo poles are not perfectly cylindrical – wide at the base and tapering towards the top. Each pole is unique and the degree of tapering can also depend on the species. Wall thickness and node size also vary.

If ordering for a project requiring an exact internal diameter, we recommend going for a pole a few sizes up.

Dried bamboo poles are not very flexible. All of our poles are dried before they reach the UK to prevent mould build-up during shipping.

While there is a degree of flex (depending on the species), bamboo architecture in places like Bali are constructed using recently harvested bamboo with a high moisture content. The green poles are dried and set into specific shapes, which is how bamboo bridges are made, for example.

This depends on the bamboo species. 

  • Bamboo from our Natural Bamboo Poles category have a waxy exterior that resists application of paint.
  • The same applies for the Dark Bamboo Poles category, aside from the larger sized poles (60/80mm and up) as they have a naturally matte exterior.
  • Guadua bamboo has a matte exterior and customers have had success painting their bamboo.

If the poles are used outside, we recommend the bamboo undergoes a year of weathering to break down the resistant exterior. The poles can then be stained and a wood preserver applied.

For shipping purposes.

We want your poles to arrive to you in tip-top condition.

With minimum order quantities in place, we bundle the bamboo poles to offer the best degree of protection in transit.

If you do not meet the minimum order but are ordering multiple products

Contact the Sales team (sale@ukbamboo.com) with your order details and we can create a manual order. The products can then be bundled together for shipping.

No. Our bamboo comes from sustainably managed forests. 

Our stock of bamboo from China (Phyllostachys edulis, Phyllostachys nigra, Phyllostachys bambusoides f. lacrima-deae) grows in Anji County, in the north-west of Zhejiang province. Over a thousand kilometres away in the mountainous regions of the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu, the natural habitats of giant pandas are found. The Chinese government has placed large areas of bamboo forests under protection to safeguard the species. As such, no pandas are harmed by our activities.

Our bamboo comes from all over the world, via our trusted supply network.


  • Black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)
  • Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis)
  • Speckled bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides f. lacrima-deae)


  • Vivax bamboo (Phyllostachys vivax)


  • Java Black bamboo (Gigantochloa atroviolacea)


  • Guadua bamboo (Guadua angustifolia)

No. The UK’s climate sadly is not suitable for growing commercial-sized bamboo.

Bamboo is an amazing giant grass. It can grow fast. But, in order to do so the plant requires a lot of rainfall, sunlight, and a warm tropical climate.

While we may have bamboo in our garden, it will not grow to the size of a large diameter pole, such as the 120/150mm natural bamboo pole.

Iowa State University in the United States have a handy map that shows global distribution of bamboo.

We sell the whole pole as part of our commitment to sustainability.

This ensures minimal wastage, using 100% of the natural material.

Previously, UK Bamboo offered bespoke cuts to all customers and the workshop became quickly overwhelmed with odd-sized bamboo pieces which then couldn’t be sold or re-purposed. On the occasion we do have offcuts, they are upcycled into craft packs or bug hotels made by local groups.

Bamboo is a carbon sink.

As a species of giant grass, some bamboos can grow up to a metre in 24 hours in the right conditions. This lightning-fast growth means that bamboo fully matures in approximately 5 years, as opposed to 80 years for European Oak, and releases 32% more oxygen than an equivalent mass of trees.

“Bamboos are C3 plants and have normal photosynthetic capacities, so their main advantage for mitigating climate change lies in their fast biomass generation and in their renewability” (p7, INBAR Working Paper No. 65).

The rhizomatic root system sequesters carbon and harvesting poles does not harm the mother plant, but further stimulates growth (similar to coppicing trees). Careful selection of mature poles results in a fast-growing, readily available native crop that does not harm the environment. As long as the mother plant with its sequestered carbon remains intact and the bamboo is used in a durable application, bamboo’s eco-credentials (e.g., carbon capture ability) are unrivalled by traditional soft and hardwood crops.

Global companies like Nestlé are turning to bamboo to offset their carbon footprint by planting forests too.

Each bamboo pole is unique, so an exact figure cannot be given. 

As a natural product, bamboo poles can taper. In extreme cases this can be up to 60% of the thickest part of the pole, with variations also occurring in the wall thickness.

We endeavour to supply bamboo poles that do not taper to extreme degrees.

For projects requiring poles that are less likely to taper, we recommend the Guadua bamboo.


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  • All orders are shipped with next day courier service; however, we advise 1 – 3 working days to account for any potential delays that are out of our control such as adverse weather.

  • You will receive a notification when the goods have left UK Bamboo Supplies, and another notification when your order is out for delivery.

  • Unfortunately, time slots cannot be given by the national couriers.

  • Delivery of all items is to doorstep only. Courier service is often a single driver, so they may require assistance with unloading large or heavy items. We request that you bear this in mind when ordering.

  • When an order is received, UK Bamboo are committed to getting your order out as soon as possible. Turnaround for despatch is usually 1 – 2 days.

  • When stock replenishment is being undertaken, order turnaround can be longer due to pre-orders being prioritised.

  • In the basket, customers can also select to collect the order from the UK Bamboo warehouse. This option can be used when the customer wishes arrange collection via their own courier too.

  • For offshore deliveries (such as the Channel Islands), in addition to our quote that comes directly from the national couriers: DX, Pall-Ex, APC etc., we recommend customers shop around for delivery quotes for their item(s).

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