Bamboo Old Man Shou Xing

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Height Varies: 35-38cm [14-15inches] approx.

Hand made in China


Hand Carved Bamboo Root Figurine

This is a hand-carved statue of Shou Xing, one of the three revered Chinese Star Gods (Fu Lu Shou). Hand crafted from bamboo root, this sculpture is known as the “Old Man of the South Pole” who carries a walking stick in one hand and a peach in the other. The peach is a sign of long life and as such this character is often a welcome gift for a birthday.

This Chinese figure fits both in the garden and on a table inside your home. It also makes a great gift for family or friends.

Tips for installing outside: To keep the colour, detail and finish of this carving when using outside we recommend the use of a clear wood preservative. Varnish or wood stain can be used in the future to further enhance and preserve the bamboo.

UK Bamboo supplies - Bamboo Old Man Shou Xing

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PLEASE NOTE: The diameter stated is measured at the widest end of the cane. Due to the way in which bamboo is grown and cut, it is normal for the canes to taper; whilst most canes will only taper down by a few millimetres, they can taper up to 60% in extreme cases. Each pole is expected to be within +/-20% of the range diameter it is sold in. Bamboo is a natural product and is subject to cracking, splitting & discolouration, none of which will affect its structural properties