Bamboo Poles

Your first choice on your bamboo journey: Whole or split pole?

The choice between whole and split bamboo poles is project dependent – often coming down to aesthetics or functionality. The great thing about bamboo is that it’s extremely versatile.

General uses for whole bamboo poles are landscaping, building, and art projects, while guttering, cladding, and interior décor are common uses for split poles.

There are 7 species of bamboo to choose from, ranging from the popular Moso bamboo to the world’s strongest bamboo that has a similar tensile strength to steel: Guadua Angustifolia. 

Quality bamboo sourced from all over the world, the poles range in diameter – from 20mm to 150mm. The standard pole length is 4 metres, up to 5.5m for a particular diameter of Moso and 5.8m for Guadua.