Outdoor Classroom Shade Canopy

by Bamboology

About this project

A versatile Shade Canopy designed to create comfort and protection over the summer months.

  • Client

  • Location

    Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, Sussex

Project key features

Guadua Bamboo Poles
The world's strongest bamboo, with a higher tensile strength than steel. Selected for its structural integrity.
Shade Canopy
Stretch canopy made from recycled plastics. Designed to hang on the frame to suit different activities.
Expert concept design & bespoke fabrication
Bamboology combine design and fabrication under one roof for seamless and intelligent bamboo design.

The Challenge

Bamboology was commissioned by Hastings Country Park and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve to design and create two bespoke outdoor classrooms to house their educational programs during the summer months.

The work needed to be highly durable, but also movable due to the sensitive nature of the sites – Rye Harbour, for example, is a designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and is home to 4,523 recorded species (including 736 that have a conservation status).

The Solution

Bamboo was a perfect starting point for the brief, with the material being both light and durable. To provide the shade, Bamboology secured demountable canopies made from recycled plastics to standing Guadua bamboo poles.

The overall effect was a comfortable and colourful environment for the learning to take place in an exposed, but beautiful location.

This one of many of Bamboology’s amazing projects. Find out more about Bamboology here.