Bamboo Art Installation

The Beacon, by Bamboology

About this project

Bamboology designed and fabricated a large scale bamboo art installation on the shingle beach of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

  • Client

  • Location

    Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, Sussex

Project key features

Guadua Bamboo Poles
The world's strongest bamboo, with a higher tensile strength than steel. Selected for its structural integrity.
Yellow stretch fabric
To create the bamboo temple & reference a local plant found in Rye Harbour - the Yellow Horned Poppy.
Expert engineering & structural knowledge
An innovative use of stretch fabric and rigging techniques never previously used in the UK.

The Challenge

Bamboology had the task of creating a sustainable art installation for the Climate Art, A Vanished Sea Residency & Public Programme. As the structure would be located on the shingle beach in Rye Harbour and exposed to the elements, the materials used were required to withstand the elements – strong, durable, but also eco-friendly.

The project was supported by AKT II, Sussex Wild Life Trust, Arts Council England, and Bridge Point Rye.

The Solution

A longstanding and esteemed customer of UK Bamboo Supplies, Bamboology was supplied with a bespoke order consisting of long lengths of the world’s strongest bamboo – Guadua Angustifolia – for the project.

Bamboology used technical drawings and models to visualise The Beacon and tested prototype connections before moving onto larger tests. This was to be a first for the UK, since the project combined stretch fabric and rigging techniques to create a unique feat of engineering. The Bamboology team visited the UK Bamboo warehouse to inspect and collect the poles. With the engineering complete, Bamboology began construction of the temporary art installation in Rye.

The Beacon was incredibly impactful and received well by the public. The project was featured in the London Design Festival 2021 and longlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2022.

This one of many of Bamboology’s amazing projects. Find out more about Bamboology here.


Joseph Williams

A temporary bamboo temple to the natural world, a metaphorical lighthouse for the fragile vessels and uncertain future out at sea. The Beacon also references a local plant found across the shingle banks of Rye Harbour- the Yellow Horned Poppy. Each of its delicate flowers only lasting a day. Serving as a symbol of hope and reunion, the beacon is envisaged as a temporary outdoor space for community and educational events, finally permissible after months of lockdown.

Joseph Williams

Artist & Structural Designer, Bamboology