Bamboo Sax Instrument

Don't let its size fool you. This sax packs a punch.

About this project

Goldstar hand selects bamboo poles and expertly crafts them into concert grade saxes.

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Project key features

30/35mm Natural Bamboo Poles
Goldstar then spends hours crafting these into musical masterpieces.
50/55mm Natural Bamboo Poles
A Bamboosax needs a home. A bamboo pole it is!
Hand-selected bamboo poles
This customer visits our warehouse to select poles in person.

The Challenge

“The biggest little instrument on the planet”Goldstar Bamboosax

The Goldstar Bamboosax is almost as impressive as the man behind the sax, the talented actor and musician, Chris Tummings. Having worked extensively in theatre, tv, and film, Chris is also a singer and musician. Wanting to play something a little different, Chris wanted to put the reported acoustic properties of bamboo to the test.

The Solution

A customer since 2013, Chris has visited the UK Bamboo warehouse on many occasions to explore the range of bamboo, and has selected quality poles that are then cut to size in-house. While we tell customers the ‘perfect pole’ doesn’t exist, for Chris it is perfection or nothing. His craft is a real labour of love and so every detail has to be in line with expectations from the colour to the wall thickness.

The poles of choice are 30/35mm Natural Bamboo Poles, with the larger 50/55mm Natural Bamboo Poles selected as cases for the Bamboosax. Chris then hand carves the bamboo and makes them into the famous Bamboosax.

Projects like this make being a supplier bamboo so interesting as there is no end to what can be made (plus, each time Chris visits we always get a nice tune!).

The Bamboosax features all the chromatic notes in two octaves, with the Goldstar Shogun C being concert pitch and a big hit with professional musicians.

Find out more about Goldstar Bamboosax here, or explore Chris’ YouTube channel.