An eco-friendly material for your home & garden

Bamboo wood is a natural product – and it’s very eco-friendly.

Large-scale deforestation, which has happened for various reasons, such as clearing land, the use of wood in furniture and paper, can be countered by using bamboo instead.

Trees emit oxygen, improving the quality of the air around us. The destruction of forest areas impacts badly on the planet – causing rises in temperature, loss of soil, erosion and wide-spread plant diseases that wreak havoc because of the lack of biodiversity.

Bamboo can be grown all over the world – although it mainly grows in Asia – and it’s a great replacement for wood. It grows at a much faster rate when cut – 10 times faster than a “normal” tree, with some species growing up to four feet in a day.

Trees such as oak and maple, often used for flooring or hardwood furniture, can take 40 to 50 years to grow to sufficient maturity. Bamboo is ready after three to seven years.

It requires less water and no pesticides are needed for it to grow and mature. It’s also a very durable plant and it absorbs 35 percent more carbon dioxide per hectare when growing than its equivalent in trees.

It is also degradable and it regenerates on its own.

Bamboo is also a very strong material. It grows in a hollow structure and it is used all over the world for building and scaffolding because it’s stronger than steel. Because of its strength, less bamboo is needed for structural applications. Needing less of something is always going to be better for the environment.

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