Creative ideas for using bamboo around the home

Bamboo is a beautiful material to use in the home and its uses myriad—from screens to flooring, picture frames, tables and sideboards, we can’t think of a room where bamboo doesn’t belong.

The added advantage is that bamboo is so environmentally friendly. The growing time is much less that of hardwood and it requires less water and pesticides to grow and mature. Anything made of bamboo will eventually—and we do mean eventually as this is a very durable product—disintegrate to create nutrient-rich soil.



Bamboo inspiration


Our inspiration gallery shows there are no limits as to what you do with bamboo. The picture here shows an amazing window display, for example, using poles that have been coloured to match the décor.

Then, there are bamboo screens which can be used outdoors, but are also great inside. Section off a part of your room or take inspiration from the grand Georgian and Victorian houses where screens were de rigueur in the bedrooms so a lady could change.

You can also use bamboo as a screen that opens up your porch or outdoor area to the garden.


Bamboo outdoor shower


Again, if you live in the south of England, take the indoors outdoors with a bamboo outdoor shower. It’s one way to transport your area straight to the Pacific! And an outdoor shower is a terrific idea if you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in the back garden.

Bamboo poles have numerous uses in the house. If DIY is your thing, you can use it to make tables, chairs and more. Fancy a corner bar in your living room? Make it with bamboo. You don’t just add the luxury of your own drinking area to your space; you add aesthetics with poles you can order in any colour to match the décor.


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