Bamboo: The sustainable alternative to MDF

Earth Conscious Construction


Bamboo offers a sustainable and eco-friendly replacement to conventional timber and wood. The raw material is manufactured into boards, veneers and timbers with relatively little processing. The rapid growth of this grass is ideal for producing top quality plyboards in place of conventional softwood and hardwood plyboards.

Distinctive Surface Finish


Our bamboo boards are made from Moso bamboo, grown sustainably in China. The bamboo poles are sliced and formed into sheets through the use of resin and compression. There are two main patterns which are created by the laying of the bamboo pieces in a particular way:

Side-pressed bamboo board, as its name suggests is formed using slices of bamboo cane laid sideways (Above photo: right and far right). This creates a strong structure and slimmer vertical lines, where the nodes of the bamboo are smaller and less visible. On plain-pressed bamboo board the slices of bamboo are broad and are laid flat, as shown in the two blocks to the left in the photo above.


Bamboo boards are ideal for the manufacture of modern furniture such as this bench and table. 


Sustainable Material for Interiors


Shop-fitters and carpenters can use 12mm and 20mm 3-ply bamboo boards for cabinet making and other furniture. In addition to this, the 7mm board can be used as backboards for free-standing cupboards and tables.

The thickest 40mm bamboo ply-boards have attractive patterns on their cross-section, enhanced by varnish or furniture polish. These are strong enough to make stylish benches and tables, such as this set we made here in our workshop, as shown above.


Bamboo veneers and boards can be cut, routed and shaped for industrial design.


A Gift for Product Design



If you are working on a smaller project, why not experiment with a 5mm bamboo veneer. This thickness can be used for laser cutting projects and branded commercial items. We offer A2 and A4 sized sheets for smaller projects and prototyping.

We also have multipacks of boards for arts and crafts, available in Caramel 5mm and Natural 5mm.

Contact us to discuss your project and we’ll be pleased to advise.


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