Spring 2018: Ideas for the home & garden

February marks the end of winter and it’s time now to think about gardens and DIY jobs about the home and outdoor area.

Bamboo is your perfect product for gardens and DIY projects, depending on what you want to do. It’s a long-lasting material that will deliver plenty of value for money when you decide to use it.

We sell top quality bamboo poles in various sizes and colours. You can adjust these to any size you want and try them for various outdoor projects. You might decide to build a screen to shelter unsightly items such as wheelie bins. Fencing is the obvious use of bamboo poles but you can also use them strategically to divide up parts of your garden or mark out walkways.


Bamboo products for the garden

You can also use them for raised planters if you’re planning to grow flowers or fruit and veg this year. A bamboo trellis can also be used for growing purposes, flowers and vines for instance. You can also use them for vegetable growing as this encourages higher yields.


Bamboo is great for bird houses and shelters

At this time of year, our little feathery friends are nesting. They’re looking for secure places to lay eggs and raise little families. Bamboo will make them a sturdy home that you can position in your outdoor area in a safe place. It’s a very rewarding thing to do as you’ll be able to catch sight of the birds if you’re patient enough. There’s a video on YouTube with a how-to guide here.


Bug hotels & Insect houses

An insect house is another way to attract wildlife to your garden and bamboo poles fastened together and fixed to the ground makes your basic house. If you want lots of lovely produce or flowers, bugs and butterflies pollinate everything, encouraging growth. You can find instructions for how to make a simple one here.

You might also want to use poles you have cut to various lengths and painted as a wind chime.


Have fun with bamboo this spring, and tweet us your pics – we’d love to see your Bamboo projects : @UKBamboo 


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