How to use Natural & Dark bamboo in your home

Bamboo has many uses in the home – from screens that can add privacy, to picture frames, furniture, shelters and more.

We offer lots of colours of bamboo. They are all manufactured to the highest standard and will give you a product that lasts for years. The aesthetics of bamboo make some colours ideally suited to certain rooms. While we can’t comment on your individual tastes, we can present ideas for what you could put where. Read on to find out more.


Natural Moso


Natural Moso has the lightest bamboo colour, and it’s what most people bring to mind when they think of bamboo. This giant bamboo species is one of the fastest growing plants in the world.

Natural Moso makes great flooring—a durable, sustainable product that will last for years. It’s also ideally suited to panels, complementing your flooring or adding lightness to any room—great for a home office or living room, for example.

We find many of our customers use Natural Moso for their outdoor spaces – fences, say, or shelters for bins to keep those unsightly wheelies out of the way.


Natural Speckled


As the name suggests, natural speckled poles have a pleasing aesthetic – splotches of darkness on the lightness which makes them ideal for anything that is more decorative than functional (though it’s possible to have both!)

We recommend natural speckled bamboo poles for ceilings and screens or wherever you want a decorative bamboo feature —such as in the bedroom or bathroom.

Again, when it comes to outdoors, you could create a beautiful shed or closed off space using speckled bamboo.


Natural Black


Natural black bamboo poles are universally black—they vary in colour and darkness. We love their application in bedrooms where people use them to create a cosier, more intimate feel. Their colour makes them perfect for panelling and we like them in dining rooms.


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