Interior design using flexible bamboo wall panelling

Bamboo is great indoors and out. One of our best-selling products is our bamboo wall panels, which can make a stylish addition to your interior space.


Flexible bamboo wall panelling

For those who want to use it in their homes, wall panels can be utilised in any room. Bamboo is a long-lasting, durable product that comes in a wide range of finishes and colours, that can match any aesthetic you choose.

The panels are made by joining together thin bamboo slats with mesh or laminating them. The panels can then be laminated to each other again to create thicker ply panels.

Bamboo ticks off many boxes when it comes to interior design. It’s flexible, heat resistant and non-flammable, it’s easily adjustable to fit any size, and it’s the green choice because bamboo proliferates at a fast rate – much quicker than hardwoods and even softwoods.


Bamboo Boards

Bamboo panels can give a ‘thick plank’ look and feel to walls, which works well in kitchens and living areas. The look is immaculate and straightforward, but don’t forget that bamboo has a versatility that adapts to any space. If you want yours to look fancier, some intricate designs and colours will achieve this feel for you.

For the commercial sector, bamboo panels are a godsend. Use of such sustainable materials can help reduce a business’s carbon footprint, and there are multiple uses for panels in the leisure and hospitality industry.

The panels can be used for flooring, walls and as the lining of bars, for example. They give a clean, contemporary look to a space, and they are long-lasting. The panels can be used in screens, dividing up a room and giving areas privacy.

Bamboo panels work effectively for cladding and insulation too.


Project ideas?

We like to say that the only limits to bamboo use are your imagination. With the right product, a key concept in mind and skilled craft work, you can create a beautiful interior look for your client, in their home, restaurant, café, bar and more.

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