How to update walls, boundaries and balconies with bamboo

The colour, texture and material of surfaces that surround us can affect our mood and how we interact with the world. Interior designers, landscape gardeners and architects all use this to their advantage when planning their projects.

Whether you are renovating an existing space or starting from scratch, there are some innovative bamboo products to help you update and refresh your surroundings.


Updating Exteriors with Bamboo Fencing




Dark corners, sagging fences and exposed balconies can all create a less than happy environment. It’s easy to lift these areas with a bamboo fence or panel. For a contemporary look try out Java Black Bamboo. Choose from slats, half pole or whole pole. These rich, dark brown screens create a stunning backdrop for planting, and help to soften hard landscaping in a new-build. Just add gravel for a Japanese inspired space or cut down to height to add privacy to a balcony.



The classic yellow ochre Moso bamboo and the Tali beige bamboo contribute to the scenery for a variety of garden themes and styles. Besides the obvious Tiki Bar and tropical inspired spaces bamboo fencing can be used in more traditional settings. For example Tali slat panels and half-pole panels can sit well in a cottage or kitchen garden. You could cut the panels to size and install into an alcove on a balcony or small town garden to create a sanctuary from the outside world.



Methods of Installing Bamboo Fences


Installation of the fences requires some basic tools, screws or cable ties and some timber battens. It is important that you check any existing fence posts (uprights) and horizontal supports for integrity. Then you can pre-drill the bamboo in preparation for screws which can then be used to fix the screen or panel in place.



Sometimes you may want to attach onto a diamond mesh, metal palisade fence or glass balustrade. In this instance we recommend the use of heavy duty cable ties.



Don’t be afraid to use the larger diameter bamboo in our fence panels to create a cosy area for entertaining. Bamboo adds impact fast, so it is perfect for commercial properties as well as residential design projects.



For more information on our bamboo fences visit our Fences and Screens section of the website. For bespoke projects please email us with your design ideas. We look forward to helping you improve your space with bamboo.