Garden Design Trends for 2019

There’s nothing better than indulging in a bit of daydreaming to rid yourself of the winter blues. At this time of year we all have a good excuse to stay inside re-imaging our slice of Eden as the frosty mornings and lack of daylight hours hamper what can be achieved outside.

So, what will our gardens look like in 2019? Here are some key trends which began to take hold last year and will continue to impact us this year.


Outside rooms – 21st Century Patio Style


As more of us garden in less space we will make use of the bridge between the inside and outside areas of our homes. Using planting at different heights with a variety of types of foliage adds texture. This emphasis on green tones, will provide an immersive, jungle-like effect. In amongst this will be splashes of spicy, hot colours, which are also set to feature highly in interiors this year. This is reflected in Pantone’s colour of the year, which is a mid-orange colour called “Living Coral”.

Use a bamboo fence or interior paneling (with a thick coat of yacht varnish!) to surround the immediate area in front of your backyard or balcony for a natural backdrop to this planting. There are such a large range of pots, troughs, planters, hanging baskets and all manner of vessels in all shapes, colours and sizes to choose from, it is advisable to decide a theme and limit your colour scheme to create a more modern feel.


High-fashion cacti, succulents and other houseplants can be placed on shelves and hung from hooks when the weather warms.


Houseplant Heaven


The resurgence of the houseplant makes for an ideal excuse to grow succulents, cacti and other tender plants in portable planters, which can be brought outside when the weather warms. A horizontal or vertical planter made from bamboo poles can easily be hung near the entrance to your patio or balcony. These hanging displays have planting holes in which a variety of plants and herbs can be grown [see our bamboo planters page]. Combine hanging plants with a set of outdoor shelves and place your houseplants here in the summer months. It’s easy to create a bountiful display, which also makes the best use of the effects of climate change!



Natural Materials and Meadows


As is common with much garden design, new inspiration has spilt over from world of interiors, where we will see the use of charred timber and wood with a strongly visible grain. Pair this with metal and stone, and the need for some loose, relaxed meadow-style planting to soften the feel. This is a celebration of the raw materials of hard landscaping in way that reflects the natural landscape, interpreted in a minimalist manner.


Sounds of Nature


More of us than ever need to escape the invasion of unwanted noise in our outdoor spaces, so it is no surprise that the urban garden will see more innovative ways to drown out city sounds. Building a bug hotel with bamboo, logs and unwanted timber can increase the range of wildlife in your garden and brings with it new tunes and rhythms.

The quickest way to camouflage traffic noise is with the sound of water, whether it be trickling, splashing or gurgling, this garden element can be incorporated into even the tiniest of spaces. The Japanese are well known for their use of water in Zen gardens and the use of bamboo here to build a simple water feature can easily be translated to a small patio or even a balcony. The Shishi Odoshi or “Deer Scarer”, is a simple device that adds a gentle sound of water (as shown in the photo below right).



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