Bamboo: The ideal material for interior & exterior projects

Bamboo – this eco-friendly material has multiple uses, inside and outside the home.

Bamboo is an incredibly strong product. Thanks to its hollow structure, bamboo can be used in scaffolding. It’s stronger than steel, so it will give you a long-lasting and attractive fence for your back garden.

Don’t limit it to fencing though – use it for screens too. Hide those wheelie bins, or create a shelter for the family’s bicycles. Take shortened poles and use them to create different areas in your garden. The poles can protect flower or vegetable beds, mark out a path or encircle a pond. Their natural look makes them ideal in a garden. And it’s great for trellises.

If you want an outdoor living option – decking – bamboo can be used to create a sophisticated outdoor surface to place your garden table and chairs, making it perfect for sitting outside when the weather permits.

Indoors, bamboo can be employed in surprising and beautiful ways to enhance the look of your home. Poles strung out across the ceiling add an eclectic look, while screens make wonderful additions to living rooms or bedrooms.

Commercial uses include bamboo used in cafes, restaurants and bars. It adds a naturalistic, beautiful look to a place. Bamboo is a welcoming kind of material, adding warmth to any room.

Woven bamboo fibre matting can be used on walls and floors. It’s a great alternative to wooden flooring – and much eco-friendlier thanks to the way bamboo grows.

Bamboo poles have many applications. If you have a project in mind, why not call us on 01825 890041 to discuss or emails us on and we can recommend what bamboo product will suit.