Challenging traditional wallpaper with flexible bamboo wall panelling

Our Bamboo panelling will change your thinking about wallcoverings!


Wallpaper has been making a resurgence over the past few years, with vivid jungle motifs and geometric patterns making a comeback. If you are looking to ditch your plain painted walls and create a feature wall, then you should consider our bamboo wallpaper.




What is Bamboo Wallpaper?


A versatile eco-friendly wall covering, our bamboo wallpaper is manufactured for us in China using Moso bamboo slats which are glued to a mesh backing. These bamboo pieces on a roll provide an easy to install wall covering. The panelling can be cut along each length of slat using a craft knife; to cut across the slats we recommend using a fine tooth wood saw. We can cut to height for you too.



How do I install the panelling?


Installation of the bamboo panels can be achieved in two ways. If you have flat walls in good condition then you can use a quality grab adhesive directly onto the back of the panelling. For uneven walls, first attach the panelling with grab adhesive to 5mm thick plywood, then screw onto battens already attached to your wall.



Can I use the wallpaper or a panelled piece of furniture outside?


Yes, you can. Use in sheltered spots, such as an outdoor dining area or barbecue, but you will need to waterproof the back of the panelling first. We also recommend that you apply a coat of clear outdoor varnish to the top surface of the bamboo slats. If your site is very exposed, then features using the panelling should be covered in the winter months or removed into storage.

A gift for arty-crafty people


Another highly effective use for this bamboo material is as a covering to update furnishings such as furniture, mirrors, picture frames and headboards for beds.

For those of you who enjoy a good craft project then this flexible bamboo matting can be used to make placemats, table runners, roller-blinds and all manner of useful items.


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