Bamboo poles, planters, and the vegetable patch

As all The Good Life enthusiasts know, now’s the time to start considering what to grow in the garden and getting that vegetable patch ready for summer and autumn bounty.

Bamboo planters and screens can help the garden grow. They can provide attractive shelter in the garden, allowing your flowers, fruit and vegetables to flourish. As many people can testify, home-grown fruit and vegetables have an incomparable flavour. We defy anyone not to love home-grown potatoes simply boiled and anointed with butter and home-grown berries have a lush sweet tartness that is hard to beat.

Space can be an issue when you’re growing your own fruit and veg, but a planter can make the most of small spaces. You can even put them on paved over areas, filling them with soil and fertiliser. Now, you have the perfect space to grow salad leaves and herbs – the easiest plants to start with if you’re new to growing your own foodstuff.

You can use our bamboo planters indoors and out. If you want somewhere to hang a herb plant, for example, this planter is the perfect example for a living wall.

What you can grow in the UK varies depending on where you live, but in our part of the world (Sussex), we benefit from a great climate which supports most things. You can even grow grapes here and our bamboo poles will help support vines if you fancy a go at creating your own vineyard!

Bamboo is an eco-friendly product. Ours is sourced from carefully-selected suppliers in China, Indonesia and South America. It lends itself well to the garden environment thanks to its natural look, that blends in well. It’s also hard-wearing. And of course you can slowly build up our outdoor environment with matching products – creating fencing, bridges, walls, paths and more.


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