Bamboo’s applications in retail

Bamboo – your best bet for retail design! Retail might not be your first thought when you think of the decorative properties of bamboo, but we have worked with many restaurants,bars and shops, providing them with a product that is surprisingly adaptable, modern and clean looking.


Why choose bamboo?

Bamboo has many properties that make it ideal for the commercial sector. Most modern-day businesses are concerned about their environmental footprint. Bamboo is a great “green” product, as it proliferates, becoming ready to harvest in about five to six years, compared to 20+ for most hardwoods.

Bamboo needs less water to grow, and no pesticides for its maturation thanks to its durability. Any product that is made of bamboo will eventually decompose, adding nutrient-richness to the soil, so its remains are incredibly valuable too.


Uses in the commercial sector

Bamboo has many uses in the commercial sector, from flooring to screens, to decorative ceilings, furniture and more. Our trade and construction customers (architects, interior designers, shop fitters, theme parks, festivals, schools, theatres, landscape gardeners, TV and film sets and more) buy wholesale bamboo from us and use it in a variety of ways.

When it comes to the outdoor environment, you have a myriad of options. Bamboo showers at a lido, or country club, for instance, made from 20/25mm x 1m poles. Or a bamboo tunnel that guides people along a pathway in gardens or from indoors to out?

The poles can be used for fencing and screening. You can use it to separate areas of outside space, marking out paths or flower beds, or use fencing to screen off bins. The material can also be used to create sheds and shelters.

Bamboo has endless uses as a garden product – from insect houses, to plant holders, trellises, stands that support swings and hammocks, and much more. Bamboo comes in a variety of colours (and can easily be dyed) so whatever your outdoor aesthetic, bamboo can match it.



Indoors, well – architects and interior designers can vouch for the versatility of bamboo. It can give a shop interior a modern, sleek and boutique look. Screens can make areas private, and panels can be used for bars, tables and more.


Bamboo + your imagination

that’s all you need!


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