Autumn 2017: Time for bamboo?

September – back to school, autumn leaves, the nights drawing in and bamboo! Now that the summer is over, what uses can be made of this terrific, versatile and sustainable product?


Bamboo has many uses inside and outside the house.

Fence panels, tunnels, markers and furniture in the garden, and then furniture inside, screens and wall panels inside.

As the weather gets colder and days shorter in autumn, we tend to spend more time inside. Bamboo has many decorative uses, and it can make elegant and exotic decorations for your home. You can opt for two finishes with bamboo – the rough finish of the natural product or a sleeker, lacquered finish. Either can be used to make screens or frames, and you can colour your bamboo so that it matches what you have already.

Bamboo has building uses too, furniture and flooring for example. Bamboo is exceptionally strong (it’s used extensively for scaffolding in Asian and tropical countries, for instance) and it will give you years and years of use. We offer a range of bamboo that will add elegance and beauty to your home.

Then, there’s our bamboo flooring. If you’ve wanted clean, aesthetically pleasing flooring now’s the time to get it. Our flooring comes in various sizes, colours and thickness.


Looking forward to 2018

You might also want to look ahead to next year and what your garden will look like. Now, is the time to consider landscaping for 2018. Bamboo can make an incredible difference to your garden. You can use it to make secure decking, for example, perfect for sitting outside on those long summer evenings. Fencing will screen off parts of your garden – hiding wheelie bins from view if that’s what you prefer, or giving your garden a greater degree or privacy.


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