The applications of bamboo fencing & screens

Bamboo fencing and screens come into their own when you use them outdoors or in the garden.

Aesthetics-wise, bamboo fencing adds a nice, naturalistic feel to your garden. Bamboo screen complement laws, shrugs and flowers – it lends itself well and isn’t jarring at all.

You can put bamboo fencing to all kinds of use – use it for exterior fencing at a height that will give your garden all the privacy it needs. Use it for interior fencing – block off one area of the garden, for example or put it around a play area for the children. You can also use short fencing to create raised beds for plants and flowers, or vegetables. Use it to create a pergola, a sheltered area where you can sit and enjoy the evening sunshine.

What can you do with a bamboo screen? If you are lucky enough to own a swimming pool, bamboo screens could shelter an outdoor shower or act as a changing area. They can also act as wind shelters, and can be used on terraces and balconies.

Don’t limit bamboo screens to the outdoors either – use them indoors, in the bedroom, in the bathroom and in the living room. You can use them as room dividers. They are great in open plan design houses, screening off the kitchen from the living area for example.

UK Bamboo selects its suppliers from China, Indonesia and South America. We look for the best environmental practices and farming methods that are panda-friendly. Why not check out our full range of bamboo fences and screens?


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