5 Colours to pair with bamboo


1. Green

Green is an obvious first choice to partner with bamboo. Our natural Yellow Moso bamboo from China is the ideal match with its pale yellow, ‘blonde’ colour. Not sure what type of green to use? Choose tones of yellow-green to compliment the bamboo. This creates a mellow and relaxed feel, ideal for a contemporary space with a fashionable nod to nature.



2. Pink

If the space you are designing needs some warmth and excitement then Coral could be your colour. This vibrant pinkish-orange often described as Salmon pink can uplift a dining area such as a breakfast bar or an alcove in a kitchen. Coral is cosy and intimate without being stuffy. If paired with natural or caramel shades of bamboo it can lend a room a fresh modern feel. For a more bohemian or ethnic look use alongside Speckled or Javan Black Bamboo.


3. Brown

Imagine the colour of terracotta tiles, old red bricks and powdered spices piled high. These are the tints of red-brown we are seeing making a comeback for interiors this Spring and Summer. What better partner for bamboo than shades inspired by the earth it grows in! Use to liven up a corner of the patio with painted furniture, walls, raised beds or giant planters alongside black bamboo fencing.



4. Yellow

Yellow, or more specifically shades of ochre could at first feel too close for comfort against bamboo, but try next to some Indonesian Tali or Chinese Black or Javan Black bamboo. This muted yellow allows you to develop an interior that has a quiet vibrance to be enjoyed in a living room or study area. Team this colour combination with textures rather than pattern and include a neutral colour in the scheme to balance everything out.



5. Blue

Blue-greens are the key to using this hue with bamboo. Think teal, deep turquoise and rich viridian. These colours add a feeling of calm opulence to an interior. Paint above the dado rail and then below dado hang our bamboo wallpaper. We recommend Burnt Honey as the best match. Bamboo boards in caramel also work beautifully with blue-green to make shelves and furniture.


A final touch!

Instead of flat accent colours why not introduce some metallics to your colour scheme: copper and gold will add a dash of interest to interior and exterior projects.