4 Ways to make the best outdoor space in 2020

Gardening for Climate Change…


In 2020 the creation of ‘green’ cities will become a priority as climate change and the pressure to lower Co2 emissions continues apace.

On the positive side, we can all make a difference by changing just a few things in our immediate environment. We can plan our outdoor spaces to incorporate as many trees, shrubs and plants as is physically possible. Here are 4 ways to improve your outdoor space next year:


1. Planting Walls & Vertical Gardening



Patios and balconies can quickly be transformed into green walls with small plants and shrubs grown vertically in planting systems or simple terracotta pots. Not only will they provide privacy from neighbours, but will clean the air, create a relaxing space and with correct tending can become an edible edifice! These vertical gardens in a tower block in Italy are evidence that these green spaces are achievable in towns and cities.



If you have a balcony, then you can make an attractive vertical planting wall by installing bamboo fencing along the railings/balustrade or dividing wall, and attaching some of our bamboo planters. You can easily grow a variety of herbs and succulents. Stand larger pots in front to get that jungle effect.


2.  Outdoor Kitchens & Plants with a Dual Use



We will be more mindful of the plants we choose to keep and again they will need to work hard for us and offer us shade, scent, food for us, the bees, other wildlife, and even act as mosquito repellent!

In addition to this, outdoor kitchens will continue in popularity as the space allocated for private gardens continues to shrink. We will want to grasp every last use out of our outdoor areas. In this case, include plenty of seating in your design. Also, include preparation, storage and serving areas around a focal point such as barbecue, pizza oven or fire pit. Grow herbs and other edibles within arm’s reach. Here again, a vertical system will come into its own.


3. Indoor Gardens – Home & Away



It’s not just our homes that can benefit from the green revolution our offices and business premises should too. This is where Biophilic gardening and design heads the revolution in healthy spaces.


4. Flexible & Hanging Furniture

This swinging seat provides a calm nook in which you can curl up and find your slice of Eden. Attach hooks wherever there’s a good spot.


Natural materials are making a significant comeback in interiors and this has filtered into outdoor furniture. Items which would look equally at home in your living room can now be repurposed on your balcony or patio. In particular, ergonomic forms reminiscent of the 70’s rattan, wicker bamboo and wood furniture. Look out for these woven into various items.


Main post photo courtesy of Paul Hanaoka – A living wall in California with succulents and mixed planting.