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The Secret to Transforming Bamboo Boards using this Simple Technique

September 10, 2020
blue wood dye being applied to bamboo board with paintbrush

Natural bamboo board is a blank canvas for a host of colours Bamboo can be made into attractive veneers and plyboards. They are formed from slices of bamboo poles which are then compressed with clear resin. There are two patterns created by this pressing – one is side-pressed and the other is plain-pressed, as shown […]

The Most Sustainable Alternative to MDF, Chipboard and Plywood

June 17, 2019

Earth Conscious Construction Bamboo offers a sustainable and eco-friendly replacement to conventional timber and wood. The raw material is manufactured into boards, veneers and timbers with relatively little processing. The rapid growth of this grass is ideal for producing top quality plyboards in place of conventional softwood and hardwood plyboards. Distinctive Surface Finish Our bamboo […]