Tiger Bamboo Board High Density 20mm

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  • Ideal for furniture and kitchen counters.
  • Ecological and Sustainable material.
  • Untreated surface, bare bamboo.
  • Cut, rout and drill easily.
  • High density bamboo 3-ply board.



This bamboo board is made from compressing strips of bamboo with resin to form a hard sheet. The natural colours of the bamboo strands can be enhanced further by lightly oiling or varnishing the surface. Use Tung oil to protect the surface on food preparation or serveware.

UK Bamboo supplies - Tiger Bamboo Board High Density 20mm

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Dimensions244 × 122 × 2 cm

A4, A2, 4ft x 4ft, 8ft x 4ft

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1 review for Tiger Bamboo Board High Density 20mm

  1. Bryan Wallwork

    I tested a sample of this ‘Tiger board’ for damping factor, and measured an excellent 0.341 (no units). This material would be excellent as a damped material in sound/acoustic structure building, in hifi for loudspeakers, supports and plinths for turntables, etc.

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Important info

PLEASE NOTE: The diameter stated is measured at the widest end of the cane. Due to the way in which bamboo is grown and cut, it is normal for the canes to taper; whilst most canes will only taper down by a few millimetres, they can taper up to 60% in extreme cases. Each pole is expected to be within +/-20% of the range diameter it is sold in. Bamboo is a natural product and is subject to cracking, splitting & discolouration, none of which will affect its structural properties