Shishi Odoshi | Bamboo Water Feature

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Introduce some Zen into your garden, with this traditional Japanese bamboo water feature.

  • Made from premium quality Tali bamboo.
  • Suitable for a garden pond, patio or balcony.
  • Made in Indonesia.
  • Add a relaxing sound to your garden’s aural landscape with the cycling sounds of water flowing and bamboo softly striking rock.
  • Includes tubing to connect to a water pump.

Please note:

Water pump not supplied.
15mm water pipe diameter.

Dimensions [approx.]

Height:  62cm

Width: 31cm

Depth: 55cm (at deepest point)



The Shishi Odoshi (also known as ‘Deer Scarer’ 鹿威し in Japan) is a traditional Japanese water feature originally designed to frighten away animals that posed a threat to agriculture.

Today, the bamboo water feature is at home in many gardens. The Shishi Odoshi introduces a distinctly oriental aesthetic to your garden and brings a sense of calm through the sound of trickling water and the cycle of the bamboo pivoting arm  filling with water and striking a rock as it empties out.

Please note:

Water pump not supplied.
15mm water pipe diameter.


Q: How does the water reach both spouts?

A: The water goes up through to the smaller spout, drips into the big spout, until the big spout can no longer hold the water, and then falls into the pond. The little spout has a continuous flow.


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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 55 × 31 × 62 cm

PLEASE NOTE: The diameter stated is measured at the widest end of the cane. Due to the way in which bamboo is grown and cut, it is normal for the canes to taper; whilst most canes will only taper down by a few millimetres, they can taper up to 60% in extreme cases. Each pole is expected to be within +/-20% of the range diameter it is sold in. Bamboo is a natural product and is subject to cracking, splitting & discolouration, none of which will affect its structural properties

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