Bamboo Lumber – Cognac (CTECH)

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Dimensions (mm) L: 1860 x W: 205 x D: 20

Sustainable bamboo lumber in a rich cognac colour. Suitable for wide range of applications – such as feature walls, furnishings, fences, gates, and railings.

Key features:

  • 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Patented Dasso CTECH® technology.
  • Fire resistant Class A, mould, and termite resistant.
  • Harder than hardwood – Durability Class 1 [EN 1534].
  • When cutting to desired length, to achieve optimal results oiling the cut ends of the lumber is recommended.


Discover the technical data sheet and product reports (including the Environmental Product Declaration [EPD]) at the end of the description.


Sustainable bamboo lumber

DassoCTECH® bamboo lumber is a solid and high-density lumber, made from compressed bamboo fibres.

Inspired by the bamboo decking and bamboo cladding range, the lumber takes the versatility of CTECH ® to the next level. Following over 30 years’ of Dasso research and innovation, the bamboo lumber is one of the strongest, hardest, and most durable materials on the market.


Lumber installation & maintenance

Cutting to a desired length: 

To achieve optimal product performance, apply penetrating water-based wood oil to cut ends to fully seal.

Colour & appearance:

DassoCTECH® and DassoXTR® bamboo lumber are natural products, and the appearance may vary in grains and colours. When exposed to natural sunlight, over time the colour may change depending on the extent of UV light exposure – a natural process known as ‘silvering’ (which all hardwoods experience).

Depending on the lumber’s installation location and usage, maintenance can be performed to combat silvering.

An exterior water-based oil is highly recommended – in line with the decking & cladding manufacturer’s maintenance guide. Additionally, a UV protector can be used, or a stain can be applied to return the product to the original colour.

See Resources in the Product Data section for more information. 


How bamboo becomes Dasso CTECH®

The bamboo fibres are crystalised with CeramiX® particles and impregnated with phenolic resin (the same resin found in bowling balls), before being compressed to form ‘Fused Bamboo’. The result is a rich cognac coloured product, with the CeramiX® particles significantly extending the product’s life by offering additional protection against rotting, bacteria, fungus, moulds, and insects.

An image showing the difference between Dasso XTR and CTECH, at a microscopic level.

For CTECH, the bamboo nutrients have been crystalised with the CeramiX® technology, whereas in the XTR, the nutrients have been removed via a patented heat-treatment process to create the Fused Bamboo.


Product Data & Installation

  1. Technical Data Sheet (TDS) – CTECH Lumber
  2. Lumber Product Drawings
  3. Lumber Installation Guide – Creating a Fence
  4. Manufacturer’s 25-year Limited Warranty


Product Certificates & Reports

  1. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – CTECH & XTR
  2. Carbon Footprint, LEED, BREEAM, & Green Star Assessment of Dasso® Products
  3. CTECH Decking Report – Fire Resistance EU (English in Italics)*
  4. CTECH Decking Report – Durability*
  5. CTECH Decking Report – Mould Resistance*
  6. CTECH Decking Report – Resistance against Basidiomycete fungi*
  7. CTECH Decking Report – Resistance against Blue-stain fungi*
  8. CTECH Decking Report – Moisture Resistance & Dimensional Stability*
  9. CTECH Decking Report – Bending Strength (MOR) & Modulus of Elasticity (MOE)*
  10. CTECH Decking Report – Termite Resistance*
  11. ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-3937 – CTECH & XTR Decking*

*CTECH Decking product reports also apply to CTECH Lumber – the base material (CTECH) is the same.

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