Bammura Bevel Bamboo Square Tile – Natural

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Bamboo Wall Tiles

  • 10mm thick ~ bamboo square tile
  • 160mm(W) x 160mm(H)
  • Light, natural colour*
  • 3-ply Moso bamboo board
  • Unvarnished, smooth finish
  • Bamboo tile edges are bevelled at 45° angle
  • Cross-laminated for strength
  • Plain pressed bamboo board
  • No wood, no fillers
  • Suitable for for applying stains, wood oil or varnish
  • Create a variety of surface patterns

*the natural colour will immediately take on a rich colour, with yellow overtones with the application of a coating such as wood oil. This also brings out the grain of the board. 


Bammura Bevel – Bamboo Tiles

These natural bamboo wall tiles are made from Moso bamboo compressed with resin to form a sturdy 3-ply tile. The tiles are made from plain pressed plyboards. This produces an obvious ‘grain’ where the internal structure of the bamboo is revealed. These growth joints or ‘nodes’ are clearly seen and form obvious horizontal patterns across the top surface of each tile. This can further be enhanced by applying wood oil or varnish.

Each square tile has a 45° bevelled edge which reveals the internal structure, creating an attractive side profile.

The tiles can be laid in a variety of patterns including staggered square (half off-set), square brick bond, straight stack (linear, stack bond), chequerboard and diamond. For the chequerboard pattern you can use the Caramel version of this tile.

They are easily installed using grab adhesive and applied directly to walls or flat surfaces.

0.5m/ half metre sq. box = x25 tiles

1 metre sq. box = x50 tiles

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Single Tile SAMPLE, 0.5/half sq. metre, 1 sq. metre


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PLEASE NOTE: The diameter stated is measured at the widest end of the cane. Due to the way in which bamboo is grown and cut, it is normal for the canes to taper; whilst most canes will only taper down by a few millimetres, they can taper up to 60% in extreme cases. Each pole is expected to be within +/-20% of the range diameter it is sold in. Bamboo is a natural product and is subject to cracking, splitting & discolouration, none of which will affect its structural properties