• Bamboo Thatch 5 Metres x 1.8 Metres

    £28.35 + VAT

    Bamboo Thatch

    Thatch Height: 1.8 metres

    Thatch Width: 5 metres

    • Easy to install
    • Ideal for ceilings and walls
    • Mixture of Natural colours and textures

    Bamboo Thatch is a great product to use for both interior and exterior design, you can try using it as a feature wall, or even as blinds for a window!

  • Bamboo Trellis 6ft x 3ft

    £46.54 + VAT

    Bamboo Trellis

    Screen Height: 3ft

    Screen Width: 6ft

    • Ecological and Sustainable material
    • Easy to install
    • Ideal for climbing plants

    Our garden trellis’ come with either a diamond or a square pattern, you can also choose whether it has black string or without, just specify what you would like in the customer message section. This product is the ideal addition to your garden if you have a large wall that needs covering, it is perfect for any plants that require support to climb up.

  • Woven Bamboo Matting 1m x 2m

    £27.43 + VAT

    Price per roll.

    Width: 1 metre (3ft 4in)

    Length: 2 metres (6ft 7in)

    • Woven Bamboo Matting.
    • A mat made from Bamboo strips.
    • Typically used on floors and walls.
    • Also suitable for creating a ceiling covering or as roofing.
    • Easily cut with heavy duty drapers scissors, straight tin snips or shears.

    This bamboo matting is perfect for decorating your walls and floors, it is easy to cut to size and suits a variety of interior design projects. Suitable for the DIY enthusiast.