VAT now included on all products.

Here at UK Bamboo Supplies Ltd plastic waste is at the forefront of our minds, which is why our main mission is to eliminate it and replace plastic household items with eco-friendly and biodegradable products - like bamboo! We think it is important to reduce the amount of plastic used in everyday tasks which is why we plan to release a new range of beauty products all crafted from bamboo to give both a practical and attractive finish.

Bamboo is the perfect material due to its ecological properties including its ability to grow quickly even on poor soil, alongside this it helps to hold the nutrients in the soil meaning it can preserve a healthy environment for itself. Bamboo takes 3 - 5 years to grow depending on the size making it one of the fastest plants to grow so shortages of it are rare. This makes it ideal for our new product range as we won't be harming the environment whilst creating it!

We have access to a wide range of bamboo products through our supplier in China meaning every product we create will be unique with its own story. We like to support the local industries within the Anji county and provide our continued support to the local communities that are within the area.

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