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Bamboo tiles for striking surfaces

bamboo brick tile bond patternTiles are making a comeback!

We have been working hard on developing our own tiles made from bamboo.

We have 3 bamboo tiling options which will be available to order soon.

Indonesian bamboo relief tiles

3-D Tiles

Handmade in Indonesia, these half rounds of bamboo create attractive geometric relief patterns. Each tile measures 20cm² and can easily nestle together to create larger areas. The tiles can be turned 90° to form various decorative arrangements.

bamboo contemporary tiles collage

Contemporary Tiles

Bamboo ply-boards are a already a gaining in popularity for producing beautiful interior surfaces for worktops and cabinets. We have taken this one step further and created these attractive smooth tiles  with stylish bevelled edges.

Our rectangular ‘brick tiles’ and large square tiles are available in caramel and natural finishes, which can form a number of fashionable styles including herringbone, brick bond, linear and basket weave.

bamboo wallpaper panel tiles

Flexible Tiles

Yes, these tiles can cope with curves! Laser cut from our bamboo wallpaper (panelling) these squares can be used to cover walls, furniture, bar surrounds and other commercial applications quickly and easily. In particular, the basketweave pattern is a simple motif which you can use for updating small areas.

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