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How to Build a Spectacular Tiki Bar from just Pallets and Bamboo

Tiki bar made from bamboo screens and wooden pallets

The perfect project for a summer staycation.

Create an outdoor bar area in a weekend!

This simple design requires the following products and tools:

x3 Standard size pallets- Bar framework/base structure.
x2 Moso 30/40mm Bamboo Screens 1m(H) x 2m(W)- Cladding for the bar.
x1 Mystic Forest Bamboo Wallpaper 1.25m(H) x1m(W)- For bar top (use on top of bamboo ply board 20mm or other worktop)
x1 Pack of Heavy Duty Cable Ties 20-30cm long, preferably clear or beige colour.- Temporary attachment of screens to the pallets. N.B. Use screws if a permanent structure.
x1 Box of Single Thread General Purpose Wood Screws 80mm or 100mm in length PZ #2 Cross-head- Screwing the pallets together to form the bar framework.
x1 Box of Decking Screws- If screwing the bamboo fencing onto the pallet frame.
Drill + PZ #2 drill bit.
Two pairs of hands!
Gloves - to avoid splinters.
Metal Square (optional)

N.B. The bar took roughly 30 minutes to construct.

We also included a few extras in our set-up as a backdrop to the bar. The Bamboo Bone Screens made from vertical slices of Indonesian bamboo can be used to clad an existing fence. And they can also be fitted inside a summer house or perimeter of a pergola for a more contemporary look. The bar can be built as a temporary structure or a more permanent fixture. Read on to find out how.


Stand two of the pallets on their long sides. Bring together to form a right angle (use a metal square if you wish). Attach screws between both pallets at the top and bottom corners. Tip: Check each particular pallet design and secure screws into the two thickest parts on either pallet, at least at the top and bottom. You can screw straight or at angle.

securing two pallets for Tiki bar frameUse two pallets screwed together at a right angle to form the front and one side of the bar.


Lay the third pallet on its long side. Bring the pallet to form the second corner. Check that this forms a right angle. Then attach screws between both pallets at the top and bottom corners.

three pallets formed into base for Tiki bar Bring the second pallet into place and secure. The three pallets will form the front and sides of the bar.

drilling the pallets together with screwsScrew the pallets together – join top, middle and bottom.


Unroll the first 1m tall bamboo screen, starting from the centre of the front pallet. If attaching with screws: check where the main supports are running vertically on the front pallet and right hand side pallet. Pre-drill holes in the bamboo poles nearest to these verticals, top, middle and bottom. Then attach the fencing onto the pallet frame with decking screws. Repeat for the centre left, so that the pallets are completely clad in bamboo fencing. If attaching with cable ties then attach around the main verticals.

bamboo roll screen being attached to outside of pallets

The 1m bamboo roll screen can easily be rolled around the outside of the pallet frame to form an attractive bar front.


adding a bar counter to the tiki barAdd a wooden or bamboo worktop to form the bar counter.

Install a worktop to form the main bar surface at the front. We used a spare solid fence panel from slats of Java Black bamboo to balance on top for the base and on top of this laid Mystic Forest Bamboo wallpaper. Again, this is ideal for dismantling over the autumn/winter period. Alternatively, you can fix a solid worktop by screwing from beneath.


Attach something to the tops of the sides of the pallets to finish. We just used more Mystic Forest bamboo wallpaper, as this curves around the edges and makes the inside look more attractive when facing the bar from the outside.


Below left is a Tiki Bar recently created by a customer from pallets. They used our bamboo thatch for the roof and bamboo poles for supports. Also featured, another Tiki Bar project using Tali Whole Pole Panels.

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Two designs of Tiki Bars made with bamboo