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Five Top Tips When Using Bamboo For Interior Design Projects

Bamboo is MADE for interior design projects. You couldn’t conjure up a more perfect material. It’s durable, adaptable and has multiple applications.

Whether you’re thinking of something small-scale, such as shelving or you have Grand Designs in mind, make bamboo your first port of call.

Flooring. Want hygienic, aesthetically pleasing flooring that will give your home or business a modern look? Bamboo is ideal. Cut it to fit and you’ve got something that will adapt to just about any building. If you have pets or suffer from allergies, bamboo flooring is ideal. It’s easy to keep clean and you avoid the bugs and mould spores that often come with carpeting.

Make your own furniture. Who needs IKEA when bamboo will create functional, beautiful furniture for your home? From four-poster beds with bamboo bases and poles, to tables and screens, find out why bamboo is the building material of choice for so many.

Love the Tweetie pie chairs? Rattan furniture chairs can be hung from bamboo poles. Thanks to its strength and durability, they will hang securely in place. Anyone can sit there safely!

Glance up to the ceiling. Why not go for a bamboo ceiling? If you want to extend your indoors outdoors, a bamboo ceiling can be attached to the side of the house to make a shelter or garage.

Wall art. Do you love pictures and paintings? Or do you specialise in tie dying and creating fabulous lengths of fabric? Use bamboo poles to frame them. You’ve got double the beauty then: your gorgeous piece of material and a terrific mount to show them off. Why not use the bamboo frames for family portraits and photos too? Photos come in so many sizes these days, it’s often difficult to find

Use in bathroom designing. There’s a trend at the moment for bamboo in bathrooms. Create screens or panelling to add visual appeal to your home’s little boy and girl’s room.