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Creating Designs with Bamboo Wallpaper

bamboo panelling laid over a bamboo pole

How can I use Bamboo Wallpaper in my design?

Below are some of the common items and projects where bamboo wallpaper has been used.

  • How do I measure up for my panelling?

Firstly make sure you measure as accurately as possible. Often the dimensions of a space are not square: i.e. a ceiling may actually narrow slightly at one end or a wall in an old building may do the same. It is best to make a plan of your design on paper with the dimensions noted for each area. You will then be able to achieve the most efficient use of the material.

For your information here are the wallpaper dimensions as sold:

 = Height 2.5m (slats running vertically, top to bottom) X per 1m width.

  • How do I attach the panelling to my walls?

Please visit the FAQs page on bamboo wallpaper installation >>

  • Are the joins visible when I install?

It depends. If you are joining widths together then the slats butt nicely together – you just have to take care during installation to mimic the spacing on the panelling.

  • The panelling is 2.5m tall, but I need to go higher, what can I do?

Butting the ends of the wallpaper slats can be fiddly to get right. The join may be visible. You may need to modify your design to accommodate this. In a Victorian, Georgian building or other build with a ceiling to floor height taller than the standard 2.4m, you could consider using the wallpaper up to dado level or conversely run up from the dado to the ceiling. You could create feature panels and edge with timber/plaster/metal moulding or bamboo halves.

N.B. It is more likely that you will need to butt width in a very long room, as the width of rolls are usually supplied cut from a 10m roll. But occasionally we will supply shorter widths from the stock available to make up your order.

  • Can I use the wallpaper on my ceiling? Yes, of course.

Look at the dimensions of your room and plan the best direction to lay the material. If you need to butt together two lengths, why not cover the join with a flat or rounded batten. We have used halves of bamboo to create a rustic feel in our office kitchen.

  • Will the wallpaper work on the horizontal?

Yes, in certain settings the wallpaper can look attractive horizontally installed. For example you could run a wide strip of the panelling as border between the height of a picture rail up to your ceiling; or you can use in place of a dado rail. Using the bamboo wallpaper horizontally can widen the look of a room if used as a feature wall.

  • Which wallpaper should I choose for a modern effect?

The flat slat profile wallpapers: Burnt Honey, Autumn Wheat and Vanilla Stripe lend themselves to more minimal interiors. That being said any of the wallpapers can be used to add texture and interest in a contemporary home. We have had interior designers use our raised profile slats with great success in the most up-to-date interiors! See our case studies for inspiration>>

  • Which wallpaper would you recommend to use on my bar front?

Bamboo wallpaper is an ideal covering for a bar front. It all depends on the look you are after. To mimic a slatted wood effect, then Burnt Honey, Autumn Wheat and Vanilla Stripe would work well and can cope perfectly on a curved bar.

  • Can I use the wallpaper as a splash back in my bathroom or kitchen?

Yes, but you will need to prepare the panelling accordingly. Please visit the FAQs page on bamboo wallpaper installation >>

  • Can the use the panelling in a more complicated pattern such as on the diagonal?

Yes, but you will need a drawing and/or template with the angle of cut and a willing installer!