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Creating Designs with Bamboo Boards

bamboo boards stacked up in a row

What can I make from these boards?

Below are some of the common items and projects where bamboo boards have been used.

  • Can I use them to make shelves?

    Yes, but think about the items you want to put on your shelf. Books are heavy and can easily cause thinner boards to sink or ‘bow’, so we recommend using 19/20mm upwards. For light usage, such as ornament shelves, make-up or toiletries you may be able to use 7mm or better still a use 12mm thick board. The length of your shelf will also influence the choice of thickness of board. In certain situations you can install an middle bracket to provide extra strength and lessen the likelihood of severe bowing.

  • Which bamboo plyboard should I use to make a desk or dining table?

    We recommend a 20mm or 40mm board. These are multi-ply boards, so if you have a heavy monitor in your home office for example you may need extra bracing underneath.

  • Can I use these boards as a Kitchen worktop?

    Yes, the 20mm and 40mm can be used as worktops. The Tiger High Density board is particularly impact resistant for those who would like to use bamboo and need a hard working surface. But for most, the Caramel and Natural will serve the purpose just fine. Be sure to seal the worktops with several coats of Osmo Oil or other worktop oil or varnish.

  • Can I use these boards as a splash back in a Kitchen or Bathroom?

    Yes, in certain areas and with the proper treatment. We would NOT recommend the use of the boards in a wet room or for the walls directly facing into a bath or shower cubicle. Also, this applied in the kitchen behind the taps or cooker/hob. If you really would like the look of bamboo in these areas you might be able to cover say a 5mm or 7mm veneer with a sheet of tempered glass or heavy duty Perspex. But bear in mind, water or oil may get behind this after a time.

  • Can the board be used as flooring?

    We would not recommend the boards for making a floor, floor boards or floor covering. Apart from the Tiger Board, the Caramel and Natural Side-pressed boards are not designed to be walked on. If used, this may result in indentations and other damage to the surface, which cannot be reversed.

  • Can I use the 5mm board on its own?

    We don’t advise the use of the 5mm boards without any extra support. They are classed as a veneer and as such are usually pinned, screwed or glued to a solid sub-structure. The 5mm veneers can be used for various art and craft projects, but the bigger the finished item the more prone it may be to splitting.

  • Can I laser cut any of the boards?

    Yes, the 5mm is suitable for most laser cutters, but check the strength of your particular cutter by using a piece from your sample pack. All thicknesses of boards can be laser engraved or you can hand engrave using a Pyrography pen. Please wear a suitable face mask and safety goggles whilst engraving or cutting.