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Enhance your Environment with Bamboo Panels

Outdoor bamboo panels are a great way to mark out zones in your garden or shelter a particular spot.

Bamboo panels usually consist of multiple layers of bamboo. The middle layer can be either plain pressed or side pressed. You can choose from caramel, or natural plain pressed – horizontal – or side-pressed, i.e. vertical, and density, strand-woven bamboo.

Our bamboo panels expose the ply edge – so there is no need for edging. You can just leave the edging exposed. It gives a unique and interesting look to whatever you are using your bamboo panels for.

Outside, you can use the panels for fences, borders, gazebos and more. Use the panels to hide the bins, for example, or create an outdoor shelter for your dog or cat.

Bamboo panels can be used to create peace and privacy in your garden. Put them up to create a corner and decorate with plants, chairs and cushions for your own little oasis, or use them to enclose your seating on the patio.

Indoors, bamboo panels have plenty of uses too. Make the most of the light in your home with a panel. You can create walls that let in the light at the same time, or use them to create blinds. Install bamboo panels on a balcony to create your own little nook, or put them up as a screen in bedroom or bathroom.

Bamboo is sustainable, natural material – and it’s eco-friendly too. When bamboo is harvested, the root is left intact so that it can grow again – a little bit like when you cut your grass. Choose bamboo and know you are doing your bit for the environment at the same time as creating a beautiful and naturalistic look to your home.