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We have found your ideal green material for your interior this year!

March 15, 2021
bammura natural square tile on ochre wall

The Spring Equinox arrives towards the end of this month and along with it lockdown measures will begin easing. You now have the perfect opportunity to freshen up your interior. But where do you start? Decorate with the environment in mind Last year saw the continued growth of the houseplant (excuse the pun!), often part […]

Green Architecture means learning to grow our building materials

February 11, 2021
vintage ink drawings of buildings opposite measuring up bamboo

Humans have been using renewable materials to build shelters for centuries, but then stone, brick and reinforced concrete came to dominate the landscape. Timber is still widely used, but is slow to renew. So, to keep apace of demand we fall back to mining for building materials and using up a lot of energy in […]